About us

Present on the market since 2004, SC Hedrom SRL is one of the leading distributors of firewood, compressed sawdust briquettes, and other types of solid fuels manufactured in Romania.

Our company manufactures and markets a wide range of solid fuels, sawdust beech briquettes, round, and square (RUF type), packed in cardboard boxes or foil, firewood beech, oak, hornbeam, in their natural state, fresh or dried, packed in boxes or bags, and beech sawdust pellets.

Briquettes are eco-certified quality according to DIN 51731 and ├ľNORM M 7135 Austria Germany. Our products are export oriented across Europe by 90%. SC Hedrom SRL commercializes small furniture items, wooden chairs, upholstered chairs for conference rooms and office, school furniture, and armchairs.


Contact details:
Tel/Fax: +40 364 411 830
Mobile: +40 756 205 537
Mobile: +40 721 266 101
E-mail: hedrom.cluj@yahoo.com
Web: www.hedrom.ro


lemne de foc

Sawdust briquettes

lemne de foc

Beech sawdust pellets

lemne de foc

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